About 4 Constitutional Medicine

Dr. Jema Lee  (1836 - 1900)



Constitution medicine is a medicine established by the Korean medical doctor Jema Lee at the end of the 19th century. As a person is born, the shape, function, personality and illness of a person are different due to the disharmony of the two organs.

There are five major organs in the body, such as Heart, Lung, Liver, Pancreas, Kidney.

Because the heart is constantly functioning like a constant, it is not counted to body types.

It causes illness with an imbalance of the other four organs. Especially the lungs, liver, pancreas and kidneys.



Tae Yang In (T+)

A person with large Lung (dominant) and small Liver (recessive).

Predominant in the head, neck and shoulder, and hip is small.

Tae Eum In (T-)

A person with a large Liver (dominant) and small Lung (recessive).

Predominant in the abdomen, and upper body is round and narrow.

So Yang In (S+)

A person with a large Pancreas (dominant) and small Kidneys (recessive).


Predominant in the chest, and shoulder, and average hip size.

So Eum In (S-)

A person with large Kidneys (dominant) and small a Pancreas (recessive).


Predominant in hip and lower body, recessive chest, narrow shoulder, abdomen.